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    Brisbane TUG Thursday 15 Sept 2016 @ 5.30pm

    David Keys

      For this meetup we have 2 presentations with great tricks and tips to learn from the authors!


      We use meetup.com for registrations, please follow this link to register


      5.45pm Start and Upcoming Events

      6pm Visualization of Open Government Data

      Earl Butterworth will present his work - Open government data for multiple publishers was visualised using Tableau Public for the Logan City local government area, providing a quick and engaging dashboard for multiple government and non-government stakeholders trying to transform and improve the life outcomes for vulnerable children.

      This presentation will discuss the rapid journey in developing these dashboard, the benefits of geospatial analysis and some of the issues in creating it, and the issues of data quality and comparability.

      Earl has presented this work previously for the Open Data Institute of Queensland where it had great reviews

      6.30pm Pizza and Drinks

      6.45pm - State of Origin Viz

      Ian James from Bistech will be taking us thro the workbook he has created based on the State of Origin series, its a great workbook with heaps of cool tricks that you will be able to ask him about.

      7.15pm Finish and Socialise

      Want a Tableau T-Shirt?

      In the comments below the details for this meetup put a link to a Viz you have placed on Tableau Public in the month before our get together and I will have a Tableau T-Shirt for you on the night.  Get Creative!

      Would you like to present at a future Meetup?

      If you are interested in putting your work up for a future events then please get in touch, this is a great way to get known locally for your Tableau skills and to get to know the broader Tableau / data visualization community!


      As always if you have any questions you can contact me on 0417 432990 or dave@keydataconsulting.com.au


      See you on the night!