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    Background colors for a bar chart


      If I use reference lines in my bar chart, I only get option of setting background color above the line and below the line. How can I have 3 background colors in a bar chart. I want something like 90-100% green color, 80-90% yellow, and below 80% it should be red.


      Note: I don't want to color the bars by creating a dimension and dragging it to the color shelf,

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          Kashish Chauhan

          Hi Saurabh, This can be achieved with the help of distribution while adding reference lines.


          To achieve this follow these steps:


          1. Open the add reference line dialog box and click on distribution.


          2. Then select the value dropdown and change the percentages to 80,90.


          3. Change the label as per your need. After that you can select fill above and fill below and select the colour options from the fill dropdown.



          Tell me if you want to do something else.





          Kashish Chauhan