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    Essbase datasource show up just the first cube

    Cesar Vega

      Using either Tableau 9.2 or 9.3. Essbase version is 11.1.2.


      I succesfully connected to an Essbase server, after enter my credentials, the Datasource dialog shows up saying "Step 1. Select an application" and in the grid below there's just one cube, the first one in my server.

      The server which I'm connecting to, has 6 clusters on it, each one with several cubes for a total of around 15. The only cube showing up is the one stored in the first cluster.

      Note: when I connect to essbase using the EAS Console with the same account I'm using in tableau, it does show up a list of the cubes.



      How do I manage to get Tableau listing the whole list of cubes?