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    Highlight weekend days in Crosstab

    Shikha Sen

      Team - Need help to highlight weekend days in crosstab. Please suggest how to address this requirement, Please find the following illustrate.



      highlight means like shaded as grey or something. I already have other measure to highlight in color mark to so can not create another condition on weekend days and drag into color mark to define color.

      Do we have another way to achieve this requirement,

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          Carl Slifer

          Howdy Shikha,


          Without going into best practices and how it might be a terrible reason to show a crosstab that involves a slider here is a sample workbook. I think its very much out of best practices. It relies on creating fake axis and plotting text on one of these fake axis and the other using squares and treating weekend as a colour for the second axis only.


          My argument would be to find an alternative means of presenting this same information.


          Best Regards.

          Carl Slifer