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    linux, AWS and Tableau - triggering refreshes

    Darrell Brown

      Hi all

      I'm new to the community and Tableau


      I need to initiate extract refreshes & rebuilds after my etl process (Informatica on linux) completes.

      Our Tableau server sits on an AWS host and only support HTTPS connections

      Is there a solution set supported by tableau to meet my requirement?


      I have worked through the related article on installing tabcmd on a loinux platform. and have come to a roadbloak

      Re: TabCmd on Linux

      Publish tde to server using (non tabcmd) scripts

      HOWTO: tabcmd on Linux - step-by-step guide

      This is a very active and ingeneous community


      Tabcmd and the RESTAPI do not support HTTPS per the docs and community posts


      Just need to know my options