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    Not Static - Independent Reference Line

    Sergii Lykov

      Hi everyone,


      I have a data set which contains few cars models and their fuel usage per minute. All dummy data.


      Also for each car I have an event recorded:


      Honda recorded an 'oil leak' on 15/07/16.

      Tesla recorded a 'circuit breaker' failure on 25/07/16.

      Mazda recorded a 'breaks failure' on 05/07/16.


      The problem is that when I change from one car to another with pages option either to the left or right all 3 reference lines remain for one particular car and I need one with 'oil leak' for Honda, one with 'circuit breaker' for Tesla and finally 'breaks failure' for Mazda.


      The aim is to achieve independent reference lines for each car without overlapping each reference line.


      So is there any way to achieve that in the example attached? 


      Your help is kindly appreciated! 



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          Hope Stiles



          I think the issue is that you have set the Reference lines up as constant values.  So they are going to stay there no matter what you do to the view.  You probably want to create a calculated field that will determine which date to show based on the car that is chosen.  Then you set the reference line to that field.  The only issue I see is that the labels wouldn't be dynamic.  Perhaps someone else will have an idea on that one.


          Hope that helps.