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    Re: We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.

    Saurabh Siroya

      Hi Joe,


      I tried this but it is very difficult to implement if the number of worksheets are more on a dashboard.


      Please have a look at it if you can help me out or someone else on this thread !!!


      ***********Problem Description***************************

      I have created a dashboard that has multiple worksheets on it (each worksheet sits on top of each other in a single container). For each worksheet I have created a parameter that works as a toggle and the user has the ability to see the ones they are interested in.


      Now, since each of the worksheet has its own filters, all of them show up irrespective of whichever worksheet I select (through the parameter selection) on the dashboard.


      I just want the filters to be shown that are specific to a worksheet during parameter selection and not all.


      Any suggestions/inputs will be a great help !!


      Thank you !!

      Saurabh Siroya


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