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    Data source filters added via Edit Data Source Filter.. vs from Filter Shelf

    Mary Ann Gardner

      I am having very poor performance on a dashboard using a published data source that has data source filters and I am trying to understand the difference and any impact it might have on how it was set up.   It is over 5 minutes with the published data source vs. 13 seconds with local copy.


      Is there a difference between adding a data source filter:

      • from the Data menu:   Data > data source > Edit data source filters...
      • from the filter shelf: Right click and Apply to all worksheets > All worksheets using this data source.


      On a local connection, should the data element and database Icon show up in the filter shelf when I add a data source filter using menu:  Edit data source filters...? like it does when I set it up from the filter shelf?


      When the data source is published, I can no longer see any data source filters when I choose menu:  Edit data source filters...  Is that normal?


      Any ideas about what would cause such poor performance difference?

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Let's start with basics - what version of Desktop and Server are you using?


          Also, you just mixed together question about different filters and question about live vs published - which is it? Or both? Performance differences are most likely coming from live vs published differences (there are few and most do affect performance).


          Without seeing concrete example (ie workbook) that is "fast" and example (i.e. workbook and published datasource it uses) it will be hard to tell exactly what's happening in your case.