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    Dynamic Dashboard

    sagiv malki


      I'm having the following issue:


      1. I have data on actions done by customers in several channels (e.g., website, celphone etc).

      2. I created several Dashboards which connected to each other


      For example:

      2.1 my first Dash contains "top view" on total agrregates in those channels (e.g., number of customers use every channel)

      2.2 then, I created some drill downs (e.g., age of customers use website channel) which were filtered by specific channel


      3. What I want is letting the user choose a channel, and that the whole "drill downs Dashboards" will change automatically based on the user choose; meaning, If I chose Celphone channel, then I'll get to the age of the customers use Celphone channel.


      Can I do it without creating unique "drill down" to every channel?


      Thank you in advance! 

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          Steve Burger



          I'm not sure I fully understand your request.  Do you wish to have multiple dashboards and the allow the user to "hyperlink" from one to another in order to "drill down"? If so, yes you can do that with Dashboard Filter actions.


          OR, do you want to allow drill down via a dynamically hidden view on a single dashboard? (That is, they select an option on a primary view and then it is hidden and/or a new view is selectively revealed?)


          If it's the latter,  I've attached and example work book and instructions here. In this sample you can choose to show a time series either by quarter, month or week.


          Best Regards,

          Steve Burger


          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor