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    Launch Tableau Mobile ipad app from another app

    christelle MALAVAL



      I would like to know if it's possible to launch Tableau Mobile from another app.

      I didn't find anything on the subject for the moment.


      In my example, the users use an app which shows "Customer informations".

      Is it possible to configure a button which launches Tableau Mobile for a specific Dashboard (with the customerID in parameter) ?

      and more, to do it offline with a snapshot ?


      Thank you,



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          Hey Christelle,


          In the future, if we have an app which launched workbooks, you could likely do this as a .twbx file would be recognized as a file that the ipad app could open. As is, the way the ipad launches apps is by recognizing files that need to be opened by specific apps then giving you the option. A URL to a published workbook would just launch in the safari browser. You could also use pdfs and images instead of workbook links. Either way, this seems like an idea for our Ideas forum.