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    Need some suggestions on using Alteryx

    Sagar Agarwal

      Hi All - I need some help on deciding if Alteryx is the right solution to my data problems.


      I have recently started using Tableau and it's been quite a good learning curve till now.

      However, I often run into data issues wherein i often spend 75% of the time preparing / blending data and 25% of my time creating dashboards. This is when I read some forums and learnt about Alteryx. Some of the use cases where I spent majority of the time:


      1) Manually combining 15 excel files into 1 single file - all had same number of columns and roughly 80000 rows each. I couldn't export them to CSV and use Tableau's inbuilt feature as CSV stored some date values as NULL. The date column in original file was non-uniformly formatted.


      2) Transposing a column of 80k rows in excel to columns -> excel has the maximum limit of ~65k columns. So I had to break the file in 2 parts and do this task.


      3) HP Vertica - we are using a very old version of Vertica, which is one of the reasons why the live connection is extremely slow. The visualizations have to built upon 1500mn+ rows of data. For now, I use it as it is, but would want to know if Alteryx could lend a helping hand in this regard.


      For now, I can only think of these cases - would like to know if Alteryx can help simplify any of these process.

      And pardon me if my understanding is completely wrong, I would want to know what Alteryx really does. I will be downloading their trial version this week and will use it, and also watch their Youtube videos.