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    Print to PDF


      I have the below questions fr tableau 9:


      1) Do I need to do any special settings in tableau dashboard to get a proper PDF of the dashboards or do I need to just select the proper paper size before clicking "Print to PDF"

      2) I have a department filter/parameter that has 10 values. For each selected value we get the dashboard for that particular department. So while printing to pdf , I have to manually select each dept and then print the active sheet or create 10 duplicate dashboards ( one for each dept) if i need individual dashboards for each dept. I was wondering whether there is any other good workaround to print the dashboards of those 10 departments by clicking "print" only once

      3) Also the dashboard settings have been set to "automatic" but it doesn't show up correctly on smaller screens if I have created it using bigger screen. Any solution?

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          Manideep Bhattacharyya

          Hello Saurabh - Tableau is not a tool to get exact printouts, so this is not a tool to get "What to see, what you get". So you will never get a Perfect PDF. The easy wayout to create 10 different worksheet for 10 different type of filters. But if you know Java, then using Rest API, you can call the same dashboard and pass these filter parameters and get that print out. But that require custom coding and fare Java skill.