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    Adding Postcodes onto a CCG map

    Jennifer Colley



      I'm hoping you can help me please.  I am new to Tableau and am trying to show a map which has CCGs on then also Trust and GP information.  I've downloaded and sorted the CCG pack from The Information Lab, and I've added my Excel files which have the postcodes and Long/Lat information for the Trusts and GPs.  I'm just having real trouble trying to get a relationship (I feel I have to create a Union somewhere but have no idea how to do this) and getting them to show on the CCG map, and have been struggling with this for a while.  I'm hoping to have stars represent Trusts and then circles represent the GP surgeries.


      I have popped the packaged workbook below. I'm pretty sure this can be done- and is probably reasonably simple but I'm afraid it's just a bit too advanced for me at the moment! Please can anybody help with getting all this information on to one map?  Many thanks.

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          Simon Runc

          hi Jennifer,


          Just looking at some un-answered posts, and came across this one.


          So yes you do will most likely need to union these, as you can't blend 2 different geographies in the way you want here. I have recently done a Think Data Thursday webinar, on basically this exact problem (although my were done on routes [lines], not polygons...but the principle's the same)


          Think Data Thursday:  My Daily AdVIZture - August 25, 2016


          ...also if you have moved to Tableau 10, you might be able to loose the shapefile-generated polygons all-together and build up your custom geographies, from the new custom-territory feature (in short, you can group Tableau geographies, say states, together and create a new custom-territory.


          Take a look and let me know if you need any further help?