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    Putting a dimension in multiple group

    Samuel Pun

      Hi all


      Let say i have a dimension name keyword with below values


      New York Apartment

      New York Condo

      Apartment and Condo


      I want to put keyword in to two different group, "Apartment" and "Condo"


      Using Tableau's grouping function, the keyword "Apartment and Condo" can only be in one of the group. However, i would like it to appears in both group.


      Please let me know if there are any work around, thank you.

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          Joshua Milligan



          Typically, no, this is not something you can do, but there are some potential ways to get around it depending on your specific use case:

          • (Unlikely) If you are using an OLAP (cube) data source, you can write a calculated member that groups other members and allows you to see everything side-by-side
          • You can create a separate measure for each dimension value.  E.g. a measure named Apartment Count with code IF Dimension == 'Apartment' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END and then one for Condo Count and another for Apartment and Condo Count.  Then using Measure Names/Measure Values you can construct a view that shows all the counts (or another measurement by replacing the 1)
          • (Messy) You can restructure your data (via union or some kind of join) that would give you two records for everything and then count one of them for one dimension and then the other for another dimension.


          Hope that helps!