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    Parameter folders in published data source

    Tram Trinh

      I've created a data source with some parameters and organised these into folders, then published the data source to our Tableau server so that it can be used by others.

      However, when connecting a new workbook to this published data source, the folder structure is only maintained for one parameter in each folder - all others are not in any folders.    


      This is an image of my nicely organised parameters before I published the data source:


      And this is what it looks like after I connect to the data source from another workbook :

      It's not possible to move the free range parameters back into where they belong - I can only create new folders for them.

      It's also not possible to modify/delete the original folders, and I can only delete the single parameters contained within the folders (I can't move them out).

      It's frustrating that it happened in the first place, but more so that I can't fix it.

      Is there any way to re-organise these parameters back to their folders so that law and order is restored?

      (We're on version 9.2.4 - is this also a problem in later versions?)