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    Fixing Timeline

    Harpreet Ghuman

      I have a dataset that shows the rankings from 1889 - 2016 for English Premier League teams.

      I am showing the rankings over the years for any team selected from the filter. So years are on the x axis and rankings on the y axis. Like this -


      case 1.png


      When I select a team that has no value for rankings for the period say post 1950, then the timeline contracts to show only the relevant period for that team. And this is despite having rows related to this team for those years where it has no values. It's just that the ranking column has empty cells for those years for this team. The viz looks like this -


      case 2.png


      I want the timeline to remain fixed to give a proper context. Any suggestions on how to do that?


      Thanks in advance.


      Also attaching the viz here just in case.