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    A call for help - finding a workbook on tableau public


      Hi there,


      This is quite an odd request but I'd really appreciate the help. I downloaded a FANTASTIC workbook (attached) on visualising swim times for a swimming club. The problem is, I can't find the page where I downloaded it from. Since I only have Tableau Public at the moment, this means I am unable to open the workbook. I'd really like to get back to the visualisation to get some ideas on designing my own workbook. I've searched my browser history, tried to fathom what google search or tableau public search I would have done to find this workbook in the first place but to no avail.


      It's a long shot - but if it is at all possible - does anyone know a way to backtrack from this workbook where I possibly could have downloaded it from? I thought it was the SWIMMERS work book found here but the workbook appears to be broken so it can't be.


      Sorry for the odd request but I'd really appreciate the help.