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    Need to find top 10 percentile and i have to use it in other workbook

    Aneesh Cherian K


      I am working on this question for a while, but not finding a solution. If anyone can help me in this regards it will be helpful.

      What I am trying to solve is, I have data of a bank deposits over 3 years, the entire amount is distributed over 7 channels say (1001 to 1007), in each channel there is diff enterprise from 1 to 7, all the channels or may be some channels may present in each enterprise. Each channels firms are there from 1 to 20. In each firm branches are there from 1000 to 1050. In each branch accounts are there. Each account there are deposit amount

      I need to find the top 10% of the accounts based on the growth from 2011 to 2013. And which product they have invested in? Compared to rest of the group.

      I would like to do it in channel level, enterprise level, firm level, branch level and account level, in a single chart based on a parameter to select. So that the end user can find in what product in channel 1007, enterprise 1 firm 3 branch 1001, what product top 10 percentile growth customer deposited compared to others in the same branch.

      Sample data attached with this question. Please help me out.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          Did you find a solution for this?  There is a level of data manipulation that needs to be done first and a few other questions that I would have. 


          For instance, most of the accounts reference a single year.  Are these excluded from this analysis? 

          What about Product types?   most accounts with multiple references across years, contain data for a single product type.  So oen might be X value with product type 2 in 2011 and Y value with product 7 in 2012.  Most accounts with values for different years also have different products.  


          Do accounts with no values for other years become equal to zero?  for instance, should  we treat 2013 null values as zero and include them in the calculation of the 10% or entirely exclude them? 


          A bit of understanding how these product types and year differences play into your situation is helpful to determine the top 10% and what to exclude is needed. 


          Also, do you have a Tableau workbook showing what you have tried so far?  This helps the community to better understand where you are at with the issue. 


          Thank you