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    bins issue

    tableau gstl

      Hi All,


      I have invoice id which are segregated into bins like 0-30days,31-60days,61-90days,91-180days,181-365days,365+days

      I have "start date" and "as on date" parameters

      Now I would like to know how many invoices that are present in any of the above bins based on as on date

      Also now i would like to check whether the id is present in the bin based on start date




      When an id is raised on 15-june-16 then it should be present in 0-60 bin based on as on date if the as on date is set to today

      and when the start date is set to 1-june-16 then the id should be present in 0-30 bin

      Can some on please help me on the same

      I have attached sample work book based on super store

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          Take a look at my attached workbook, sheet 2. I think this does what you're asking? I built a new calc, 'As on date - order date', that takes the difference between the parameter and the order date, then set up the bin field using that new calc. Hope this helps!