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    Map locations vs path lines

    Sibi Ravi

      Hi all,


      I have a problem trying to create a Map viz with path lines. I am trying to apply different colours and sizes to my map elements and pathlines but I don't know how


      I have attached the viz with this post.



      I managed to do these steps.


      1. Map 'nodes' based on Lat & Long - No issues.


      2. Colour the nodes based on their names - No issues.


      3. Create path lines between the nodes - No issues.




      However, I am having doing difficulty with the below steps


      4. Size the path lines based on 'Flow Amount' coloumn


      5. Colour the path lines based on 'Line Colour' coloumn.



      The problem I am having is that the path lines take on the colour and size of the nodes. How do I separate the colour of the nodes from the path lines?


      Thanks heaps people!!!!

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          Steve Burger


          Dual Axis map to the rescue!!


          One axis should be the paths, the other should be the 'points' or nodes.

          In creating the dual axes, you then have control to color and size nodes and paths separately.


          Take a look at attached file, pretty sure this is what you want. (Oh, done and saved in Version 10, so you won't be able to open in 9.x, sorry).


          If this correctly answers your question, or is at least helpful, please mark it as such so that others can find it quickly.

          Best Regards,

          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor