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    Annualize Data for an aggregated field

    Renelle Risley

      I need to annualize the 'missing' months in the last year of the data.  I'm attaching a packaged workbook with sample data.  I greatly appreciate your help.  A flat monthly annualization is great.  Does the forecasting tool allow us to control the timeframe for reference?  Ideally I would be able to restrict the forecasting tool to only use the current year's data to forecast the remainder of the year.  If this isn't possible, I'm looking for a calculated field (or several) to accomplish this feat.  To make the effort more challenging, the measure is a COUNTD of an id #.  Thank you for your help.  I greatly appreciate it!  Renelle

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Renelle,


          I took the supplied workbook and created a forecast for those last two months (August and September of 2014)  based on just FY 2014 data and the value is a flatline value of 4.  From looking over the historical data, there doesn't appear to be enough of a pattern (at least at the month level) to come up with much of a forecast. 


          I'm not sure I understand the Annualized value part of this question. Could you elaborate a bit more on that?