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    Help with setting up filters/calc?

    Melissa Chesney

      Hello,  This may be a simple question but I am new to Tableau and creating my very first worksheet/dashboard and I have a filter for Managers as part of a pilot and the the same group managers as part of the control group. 1.  I need to have the managers selected in Pilot managers automatically removed from the control managers filter so when the pilot and control stats are side by side the control doesn't include the managers who are part of the pilot.  I need this to be dynamic as different departments and groups will use this dashboard.  Is there any way to do this other than manually select the managers names in the pilot filter and then unselect them in the control section?  Part 2 of this question relates to how I would group the Pilot managers to show just one figure (for exampled how pilot managers are doing for NPS as a group in case there is more than 1 pilot manager) and not individually?


      1.     Below are the two sets I created and both have all the managers in the company listed.  When 1 or more pilot managers are ticked I want them not to show up in Control Managers if possible.



      2. When I select 2 or more from the Pilot Managers list how to I get them to show up as a group and not individual when I want to compare their states as one against the control managers states as a whole (minus the pilot managers).


      Thank you for any help you can give.

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Melissa,


          There's no easy way to achieve what you want using (Quick) Filters only.

          It would require a preparation of a special (self-join) datasource just for this,

          where rows from the original datasource got multiplied, so the subsequent

          analyses would require non-trivial (possibly FIXED LOD) aggregations / filtering.


          A simple approach would be using Filter Actions on a Dashboard.

          In the attached States are divided into two groups using the results of Filter Action

          (which are Sets, of course) in an Include / Exclude fashion on each target view.


          Please find the attached.

          Hope it could help a bit.