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    Financial Statement with subtotals

    Cindy Winegarden

      Hi All,


      We are moving all of our reporting to Tableau so we will use only one tool. In addition to my new Tableau adventure, I am also the SQL Server DBA so I can preprocess data on the server as much as I need to.


      I am making some tabular financial statements. Revenue comes into our database as negative numbers and expenses are positive. We have a Revenue section on our reports where we show numbers as positive. In our Expenses section we also show numbers as positive. We  have one line of charges at the top that we just show and don't add into the total. The bottom line is shown as you might expect with a positive number meaning you have money and a negative number meaning you are in the hole.


      I am also the DBA so I can preprocess data on the SQL Server as much as I need to.


      I read Shawn Wallwork 's answer in Re: How to create Profit & Loss sheet in Tableau . Great minds think alike as that approach is the first thing I tried.


      Now that Tableau 10 is around the corner, is there anything new that will help me? (We may have 10 installed before I need to go live with this report.)


      Please see the attached Excel sheet to see how I want my subtotals to work. All help appreciated.