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    Automating datasource refresh as new datasource and attach to workbook

    Naresh Kumar


      I have 12 separate dashboards to be published ever quarter. 

      This is what I am doing

      Each dashboard has one workbook and one datasource

      The datasource is using MS-SQL server query (simple select from one table from one database)

      My workbook on desktop is using as extract (not live)

      I publish the datasource Tableau server, then I add datasource and select from server and replace my local datasource.

      When datasource is connected from servere this is live connection.

      Then I publish the workbook.

      So I have datasource and workbook in server which is connected for first quarter, my datasource file is named with say Q1.

      Here is my requirement:

      My database tables are getting updated once in every quarter, Say Q2, Q3, Q4.

      Now I want to add them to server.

      I do not want to overlay Q1 datasource and workbook published earlier, instead I need to add the new datasource from every quarter and connect them to workbook.

      Since I have 12 dashboards and 4 quarters that means about 50 times publishing, manually which is painful.

      I want this to be automated to publish datasource and workbook for every quarter separately based on Q1 publication but create a new file in sever when refresh happens every quarter.  I have autosys job scheduler to run tabcmd datarefresh.

      Please help how to achieve this.