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    Center Circle on Polygon

    Samet İlhan

      Hi all,


      We wonna show our factory's plan on Tableau. There will be another values on that circles but there is a problem.


      Small squares are machines and rectangles are pipeline of them. Every squares and rectangles have 4 latitude and longitude values. You can see on the screen that avg of four points is in middle square as black circle. I want to fix it horizonttaly and vertically center of square. How can I fix it?


      Tableau workbook and excel that I created on attachment.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Samet,


          So the problem is caused by the avg of the four coordinates.  Rather than finding center, the average will be off because the lat/long values are doubled when what you want is the mid points between two lat values and two long values rather than the sum of four.  I'm wondering if the squares are static or will they always be updated by the data?  If they were static, you could use these as a background image rather than as a dynamic one created with the path feature. 



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            Samet İlhan

            Hi Patrick,


            Unfortunately it's dynamic. We changed data (like : lat = 5, long=5) and it's solved on this height.
            Thanks for your reply.