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    Conditional labels to anonymize a dashboard?

    Dan Armstrong



      I have several dashboards that will be presented to people outside my organization. We don't want those people to know the specifics (names, organizational units, etc.) shown on the labels of the dimensions. The underlying numbers can stay the same, but the dimensions should be generic and anonymous.


      I'm wondering if there's a way to set up a flag that interacts with calculated field to change all of the labels at once. Something like:


      If X = 1

      then label with real name  = "Generic Label"
      else label with real name


      Throw a switch and all of the labels change. Any ideas?


      Thanks for any suggestions.



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          Zack Gorman

          Hi Dan,
          The closest you could get to your proposed solution would be to create a calculated field for each of the dimensions you want to be anonymous, and use a parameter to control them.

          First, create a parameter (I'll call the example 'Labels' here) with two options. If you want to do a string, you could have it be 'Generic' or 'Actual'.

          Then create a calculation for each dimension. Here's what the one for 'Names' would look like

          Case [Labels]

          when 'Generic' then 'Generic Label'

          when 'Actual' then [Names]



          You'd just repeat that process for each field you want anonymized, add it to the sheet, and go on from there.


          Hope this helps,
          Zack Gorman

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            Dan Armstrong

            Hi Zack,


            I'm honored to have my question answered by someone from Interworks. I've been an admirer of your company for a long time.


            You re-stated my explanation of what I wanted to do, but you clarified it, used the correct terminology (I said flag, you said parameter), wrote the script for the calculated field for me, and confirmed that this was indeed the way -- in fact, the only way -- to go about it. Welcome and useful. Thanks.


            One thing I'm wondering: I already have about 100 fields sitting over in the dimensions and measures panes. After I'm finished implementing this, I'll have a lot more, and I won't need them very often. Do you know of a way to hide them until I need them?


            Thank you, Zack.



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              Zack Gorman

              Hi Dan,


              Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm very lucky to work with an incredibly talented group here, and it's always nice to hear that others have benefited from what we do.


              In regards to hiding some of those extra fields, there's a couple ways you can go about it. This first method is for if you're not using them in your current workbook at all. This takes advantage of the 'Hide Fields' feature. This would involve selecting the fields you wish to hide, right clicking on them, and selecting 'Hide'. When you want to see them again, you can click on the drop down arrow to the right of where it says 'Dimensions' on the Data pane and select 'Show Hidden Fields'.

              The other option is to create a folder for your extra fields. The advantage here is that you can still use these fields in your current workbook and not have to scroll passed the full list each time. Click the drop down arrow next to 'Dimensions' again and select 'Group By Folder'. Then select the fields you want to be placed in the folder, right click on them, and select 'Create Folder' from the 'Folders' section of the drop down menu. You'll give the folder a name, and then those fields can all be bundled together instead of spread across your Dimensions and Measures panes.


              I hope this helps, and thanks again,


              Zack Gorman