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    Can Web Data Connector page hosted on URLs that are SSO by WebSEAL?

    Prathamesh Jagtap

      We wrote a Tableau web data connector page that exposes the REST API using WDC SDK. When tried and tested in local it works fine. The web server to host this Web Data Connector is secured by WebSEAL.The WebSEAL provides Single Sign On feature through Microsoft's Window's authentication as explained on IBM Knowledge Center page. Hence whenever user make a call to the webpage on the server through Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, WebSEAL performs Kerberos handshake with Windows machine to identify user logged in and forwards the desired request to web server. But when the same URL is requested from Tableau Desktop Web Data Connector browser, WebSEAL is unable to do Authentication for same user from the same machine. Am I missing any configuration in Tableau?