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    Error 552

    Shelly Jamwal


      I am trying to send an email with 4 attachments and 2 images.

      I am able to send 3 attachment and 2 images successfully, but when I add the 4th one, I get the following error:


      Earlier, I got this error with attachments, but then by using Consolidate I was able to attachment 3 pdf's and 2 inline images.

      Matt Coles

      VizAlerts was unable to process this view due to the following error:
      Failed to send the email. Exception:
      (552, 'Max message size exceeded', 'TabAdmin@inbucket.noa.com')

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          Matt Coles

          This error is from your SMTP mail server. It means exactly what it says--you're trying to send too much data in a single email. You might ask your mail server admin if they can increase the limit, but there will always be some limit.


          Might be a good VizAlerts feature to have a quality setting on the images / PDFs though, or possibly a zip feature....