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    Extract Data from Dashboards

    Dean Robertson

      Hi All


      I have completed my dashboards and downloaded the work book to the server, However when some opens the dashboards they are not able to extract the Data into XL. The Cross Tab is not active as seen below in the image. I know that I did not down load the data source, but now that I have done it, I still have the same problem.


      Please could some one advise to what I need to do so that we can extract data into XL


      Thank you

      Cross TAB.png   

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          Steve Taylor

          Hello Dean


          A dashboard is usually a collection of separate worksheets and to use the extract data button one of those worksheets needs to be selected.


          If you click on a worksheet (and a light grey box around that sheet appears) does the button allow a download of data?


          If not then the permissions for that user may be set to deny them access to the data.


          To change permissions click on the workbook and in that workbook's page click the permissions menu:

          The data permissions are this button here:


          Hope that helps