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    Extract files not being refreshed on the server

    tab dev



      I am facing an issue when uploading my dashboard to server. I have created my dashboard by using 4 extract excel files and 1 extract sql server as data sources. I was sucessfully able to deploy the dashboard to server. However, when I open the same Dashboard in server, I am just getting the labels on the dashboard with no data in it.


      I went back and looked at the dashboard in my Tableau desktop, it was working fine. While mapping the data sources to my dashboard, I have used the extract option.


      Can you please let me know the possible reasons why this is happening?

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          tab dev,


          it sounds like your data sources are live rather than extracts.  Also - are all the correct drivers installed for tableau server to connect to the data source in question?   I typically post my original tableau data source to tableau server as a data source and then change my desktop viz to use the server data source.  If this works fine, then I just post the viz to server and set it to refresh daily on a schedule. 


          If you not the Tableau Server Admin, you might check with him/her to get further assistance as well.