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    Pass Values to Worksheet

    Sly Ly

      Hi, I'm looking to pass values from one worksheet to another worksheet.


      There are 2 worksheets:


      Worksheet - Salesman Sales

      Worksheet - Car Total Sales



      Assume in the Worksheet - Salesman Sales, I filtered for salesman = Bob.  In this worksheet, the fields are:


      Salesman__Car Models__Car Sold

      Bob         __Honda        __16

      Bob         __Ford           __12


      What I'm looking for is to pass the Car Models = "Honda" and "Ford" to Worksheet - Car Total Sales.  Here it would show totals sales by all Salesman for just "Honda" and "Ford":


      Salesman__Car Models__Car Sold

      Bob         __Honda        __16

      Bob         __Ford           __12

      Mary       __Honda        __22

      Mary       __Ford           __14

      Joe          __Honda        __6

      Joe          __Ford           __8



      Is this possible?  I"m on a SSAS cube and can't create a Calculated Measures on dimensions so I'm wondering if there's a workaround.  I've tried Action Filters but this requires the user to select a value in order to pass it to another worksheet.