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    Supporting for a new Tableau idea

    Simon Beaumont

      Hi all,


      I come asking a favour; there are 2 things which would massively enhance my team's experience of using Tableau;


      1. Allowing users to select multiple tags on Tableau server so they can further refine the content Tableau loads as their default home page; at present Tableau appears to only allow one tag, which whilst still great does limit peoples ability to filter to a sufficient level.... i.e. we allow people to filter by Division and Role, so Physical Health and then by Nurse, Matron, Manager, the trouble is people can only apply one of these options at the minute

      2. A lot of our dashboards have multiple viz's on them and often they have multiple scroll bars, i think it would be great to synchronise scroll bars so users can scroll up and down across multiple viz's where the structure of the viz is the same, i.e. team names


      The 2 suggestions currently have open ideas on the Tableau ideas page, would be great if members of the user community who agree with the above could like the requests!





      Ta and i hope everyone is having a great summer