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    Moving 2 previous months

    Samyak Shah


                     So i want to create a line chart for the values of  moving 2 previous months. The chart should have 2 lines one for each month. Basically it should be overlapping lines. Also if its aug ryt now - i want lines for june and july data. Also it should be moving- that in sept i should chart for july and august data.

      I think i should make 2 calculations one for- previous and one for second last month but i dont understand how to get the present month or date to calculate that.

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          Andrew Watson

          Not actually sure what you want to see so I'll guesstimate based on what you've written. Do you want a chart such as the following? (Note Jun only has 1 value, for the 30th)



          I have 2 date filters - one which gives the rolling last 3 months:



          The other filter removes the current month using a calculated field:



          I filtered for calculation1 to have a value of False in the filter shelf - i.e. it's not this month