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    Hard Code an Array of Data into a Reference Line

    Will Brunner

      Disclaimer: I cant share my workbook due to confidential information (lets get those questions out of the way).


      I have a workbook that contains one data source. I would like to keep it that way. It is based off of several excel sheets that are linked through a unique identifier for each set of data.


      I am currently plotting a fixed calculated field and a calculated moving average on a dual axis graph. The calculated field has a fixed function on the unique identifer so when plotted it generated 50-60 lines. The moving average is done through WINDOW_AVG so as I filter the calculated fields parameters it will auto update based on the remaining lines. Calculated field line quantity vary from 1-100.


      I have a hard coded trend line that I want to compare to the moving average line. THE TREND LINE NEVER CHANGES. I add the trendline as an individual part of the data so it showed up in the calculated field when plotted. This however messes up the moving average line (because it is in the window) and also sometimes get filtered out (because the underlying unique ID does not have cert parameters).


      What I want to do is plot a reference line that does not interfere with my moving average line, with hard coded data. Like [1,2,3][1,2,3] or some array logic or WHATEVER I need to do to get this to work.


      When I try to use two data sources it needs a relationship to plot and there isnt a unique ID for the trendline so it busts everything (Plus we all know single data source workbooks work way better anyways).


      Is there a way to accomplish this?