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        With Tableau 10 we will be able to natively filter across multiple data sources with one filter.  I wonder if I can also apply this same logic to the topic in question?  i.e can I use the new functionality in T10 to achieve my desired result?  I just remembered that I have a copy of the beta, so I will do some testing there.




        Edit: After playing with the beta - what I'm seeing is that I can use one filter for both sheets, but it only filters on Sheet1's date field and applies that to both sheets.  What I want is to be able to use Sheet1's date filter and apply it to both Sheet1 and Sheet2's different date fields.  If I'm thinking about this correctly - if the two Sheets had different data sources then I could setup a relationship between each source's date fields and get the desired result... So then in order to get this to work I'd have to make these separate data sources?  That can't be right...

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          Joe Oppelt

          Whether or not T10 has something to use here, I do not know.


          I'll be attending a T10 Road Show on Aug 18.  I'll pay extra attention for something that might help here.

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