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    Help with Total of Stacked Bar and CNTD

    Katy Cabral



      I've searched other threads on this topic, but my issue is a bit different. I should start off by saying that I cannot share my workbook due to data sensitivity. If you're willing to read on, I appreciate it:


      I have a stacked bar chart that displays a count of unique user ID's for each of two colors (categories), with an added reference line to display the total of the bar at the top.



      Naturally, there are some users who are present in both of those categories, and thus become counted more than once, which inflates the total a bit. If i remove the coloring from the bars, those users are only counted one time, and of course, my total count for that bar decreases .




      Here is my issue....In the stacked bar chart, I have also added a table calc to display the percentage of the total for each color. As you can see in the image, the percentages are not accurate (2113 is not 58.74% of 5707):


      color.png    tablecalc.png


      What i have found, is that tableau is using the total from the non-stacked data (3597), whereas i would like it to divide by 5707 instead. I have tried numerous ways to include this value in a calculation, but i have not been successful. Any help is appreciated.