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    3rd Qtr 2016 Beginner's Meeting Wrap-up

    William Aubrey

      2016 07 28 CTUG Collage.jpg


      Our 3rd Qtr Beginner's Meeting was held on July 28, 2016 at the Okuma Americas facility in South Charlotte. Many thanks to our location sponsor, Okuma, and our event sponsor, Randstad!


      Our topic for the evening was Tableau Mapping. Our first presentation showed some historical and contemporary examples of the importance that maps play in visualizing data.  We reviewed the basic steps in building a map as well as looking at a few examples. Bethany Patterson and Charity St. John shared some examples of maps they use in their roles as well as some fun examples showing maps with URL Actions. Tyler Franz and Trevor Corbin, from the Charlotte Hornets BI Team, shared some views of the Charlotte Hornets Stadium with some helpful tips on buidling for background maps.


      - William Aubrey



      1. "Maps! Maps! Maps!" Presentation: download from Tableau Public