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    Report Visualizations

    Benjamin Tay

      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone have experience with customizing existing Tableau reports from a design perspective?


      For example:

      1. In setting up a KPI dashboard

      - What is the flexibility of being able to show the target vs actual figures? At a snapshot view and a trend view? Assuming this is prepared for a management level where they are only interested in seeing top numbers.


      A generic online search brings up a lot of examples on other platforms, but as a strong believer of Tableau, I would like to hear from the community as well


      2. Speedometer / Funnel charts

      - There is a lot of discussion surrounding the use of speedometers and its effectiveness in representing data. However, given that it is sometimes (mostly) hard to convince the client otherwise, what are some ways the speedometer could be implemented? Similarly for funnel charts?


      3. Designs on existing reports

      - 2D/ 3D view / Rotation around the y-axis / inserting of images & icons / overlaying reports with another

      - Has anyone done something unique with the Tableau reports in terms of design and visualisation?