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    Unable to create a Filled Map

    Ananya Banerjee

      Hey Guys... I am having big trouble creating a Filled map using the sample superstore data. The connection to the data source is ok. But when trying to visualise Region(State/province) vs. profit, it is not creating a Filled map inspite of using the 'show me' tab, choosing the 'Filled Map' option in the Marks card.


      Where do you think I am going wrong ? Any helpful inputs please


      Thanks in advance.

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          Mahfooj Khan


          Option - I

          Instead of selecting from marks card you can easily get it. First select the state from dimension pane and profit from measures pane using Ctrl key. Now go to Show me

          and select filled map. See the screen shot

          Once you select it'll look like


          Option - II


          Drag tableau generated longitude and latitude in columns and rows shelf. Then drag state on detail and profit on color in marks card.

          Once done you'll get this

          Hope this help.