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    How to Treat Dimension Properties as a Measure or Calculated Field

    Ryan Miller

      Hi, I'm hoping that my Googling skills are sub-par and my search didn't find an already-existing article, so this should be a quick fix.


      I'm trying to be able to break out a dimension, so that I can treat it like a measure for different charts. For example, let's pretend the below metric is Traffic to a website and my Dimension is "Traffic Type"--Organic & Total and my measure is "Traffic".


      Is there a way that I could create a calculated field to parse out non-organic traffic or be able to make a chart that shows what percentage of total traffic is organic? I'm having trouble doing that since "Traffic" is the sole metric, and not split out into two metrics of Organic and Total that i could manipulate.


      All help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!