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    Displaying results where a piece of data belongs to multiple categories

    Jason Price

      Hello Tableau Community.


      I'm trying to do some work with survey data and I display results where I have multiple linkages between my data.  here's my scenario...


      I have survey responses to a number of questions, which are marked by a Question ID field that gives me a numeric result (say a % agreement)




      Q1  5

      Q2  7

      Q3  18

      Q4  23

      Q5  14


      These questions are contributors to a hierarchy of categories, where one question may contribute more than once as such...


      Category L1Category L2Category L3Contributing questions at L3Contributing Questions at L2
      Criteria 1Criteria 1.2Criteria 1.2.1Q3,Q4Q1
      Criteria 1Criteria 1.2Criteria 1.2.2Q4,Q5Q2,Q1,Q3
      Criteria 2Criteria 2.1Q1,Q2
      Criteria 2Criteria 2.2Criteria 2.2.1Q4Q2,Q3,Q4
      Criteria 3Criteria 3.1Q1,Q5


      The categories work in a hierarchy...

      Criteria 1 -> Criteria 1.2 -> Criteria 1.2.1, Criteria 1.2.2  (like a document subheading structure)


      A question may contribute its score to more than one lower level criteria.  So here, for example,Q1 contributes its score to both Criteria 1.2.2 and 1.2.1

      I've created a mapping for this in Excel and imported it into Tableau to act as an index field, giving my categories as dimensions.  I can also create those as a hierarchy.

      The visualisation I need to display is... "show me the total score for all those questions contributing to a particular category" and roll that up.


      What's happening at the moment is that Tableau is presenting me with a * for all the questions that contribute to more than one category.


      e.g. something similar to this (I've made this data up to illustrate the point so not actually tested this specific example in Tableau, but you get my drift?)


      Category L1     Category L2     Category L3     Question ID

      Criteria 1                    *                         *                    Q1



      Rather than displaying Q1 underneath both the Criteria 1.2.1 and 1.2.2, it's creating a new * category in the display and putting all the multiple contributing questions in there as opposed to displaying them under the specific areas.  In the above example, I want Q1 to be shown under both Criteria 1.2.1 and 1.2.2, whereas what I'm getting is Q1 appearing under * and not at at all under 1.2.1 and 1.2.2


      Any hints on how I can break this out, so that a question which contributes its score to more than one category will be shown under all the categories it applies to, and not rolled up into an auto-generated * category?


      What have I tried so far to create this method?

      I managed to set up the groupings with a Set but can't display using that, as sets filter out and are therefore mutually exclusive.

      I've tried creating a Grouping from the underlying Question ID to give grouping labels, but that didn't work as I can't assign a single Question ID to more than one sub-group using Groupings


      So I created an import mapping spreadsheet in Excel to define the relationships, but now it's adding the * category rather than displaying the results under every category that the question contributes to.


      Any ideas much appreciated. Relatively new to Tableau so it might be a basic question.