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    Custom Polygons / Blended Data Issues

    Brandon Spradlin

      Hello, all.


      I have run into an issue that has me completely stumped.  I have created a handful of custom polygons to show a series of regions on a map (see screenshot).  The issue that I am running into is two-fold:


      In order to display the polygons correctly, I either have to join the two Excel worksheets (one with the polygon info, and one with the actual info I am analyzing) or connect to a secondary data source (the worksheet with the polygon info).  In the first scenario (joining the workbooks), I am returning some astronomical numbers for counting / summing line items (for example, returns of 4 million when the reality should be 16k on sum of Female..the "join" function is adding millions of extra rows).  However, when I join the data, I'm able to properly display calculations on my custom polygon map.


      The second scenario occurs when I do not join the data, but rather add a secondary data source.  In this instance, I am able to display the maps correctly; but I cannot display the calculations that I have created.  Connecting the secondary data source mitigates the issue of way too many rows as mentioned above.


      Is there a workaround to a) correct the millions of extra rows when joining the data, or b) find a way to display the calculations from the primary data source on a map using polygon information from a secondary source?