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    How to apply top 5 filter to countries so that different countries can show a different 5 sectors

    Joseph Needham

      I have 2 work sheets. In one I have a shaded map. In the other I have a table of sectors in which money is being spent. There are 10 sectors however I only want to show the top 5 so I have limited the filter to "top 5". In my dashboard the map and the table are linked so that when I select a country the table shows the top 5 sectors that money is being spent in that country. However when I select a country in the dashboard the table only ever shows the 5 sectors which are the top 5 in the region rather than swapping sectors out for ones which are higher in a specific country but not on a regional scale.


      For example in the photos below, when I select Tanzania (having removed the top 5 filter) agriculture is the 3rd biggest sector (see 2nd photo). However when the top 5 filter is applied the sectors shown for Tanzania in the 3rd photo are the same as the top 5 for Africa in the first photo.


      Please can someone explain how I can resolve this problem!