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    Percentile based on ALL floor plans instead of community, builder

    Howie Hehrer

      Good morning,


      I'm new to Tableau and have been playing around for a week. I'm having some trouble getting the percentile function to work correctly.


      I have a 'detailed price report' tab that groups floor plans based on competition area, builder, and community. When I use the percentile function, the floor plans are rated against other floor plans within the same community, instead of the table as a whole. E.G. there are 3 floor plans in one community, so the cheapest is rated 0%, the middle 50%, and the most expensive 100%. What I want is to see the rank against all other floor plans in the table, which could include other communities, builders, and competition areas depending on the current configuration of the filters.


      I have provided an attached image for reference, and my workbook as well.


      Thank you in advance,


      - Howie

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          Joe Oppelt


          This is a complicated sheet, so I'm not sure I'm looking at the right COLUMNS pill.  In the above screens shot, I am looking at the "Edit Table Calc" screen for RANK_PERCENTILE(avg(base price])))


          Right now yours is set to TABLE(down).  If you want it to include all the floor plans in the entire table, (and all the communities and all the whatever-else) then you'll have to tell the table calc to include them in the calculation.  You do that in the "Advanced" section of the pull-down.  That will take you to another dialog box where you can tell Tableau how to walk the entire table.


          One thing that concerns me though.  You said something about changing things with a filter.  If the user is allowed to select different floor plans via filter, that's OK.  Tableau will handle that easily.  But if you intend to let the user dictate which dimensions will be included/excluded in the ranking, that will get messy.


          You'll want to mess with Advanced for both the table calcs you are talking about.  (And any others that also might need to be treated this way.)