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    Calculated field shows "All" instead of instructed text

    Klaus Nordestgaard Rasmussen

      Hi Tableau community,

      I have a request from a client that wants to have a "Low base" text displayed on graphs, whenever a base is below a certain count.

      I have chosen to insert this both in the tooltip and in the title of the graph.

      Inserting it into the title is giving me some problems, though.


      Below is an example of one of the graphs. As you can see and asterix is inserted in the tooltip whenever the base is below a certain count, but when I'm adding it to the title it shows "All" instead of "Low base", which is what I have instructed in my calculated field.



      I assume that this is because the base is below my limit more than once, but I can't figure out how to get it to display what I want - that being "Low base" and not "All".

      The numbers displayed on the lines are base counts, so you get a clearer picture of what is going on.


      My tooltip "Asterix" calculation is pretty simple: IF [Base (multipunch)]<8 THEN "*" ELSE "" END

      I thought I could do a similar calculation for the title, simply replacing "*" with "Low base", but as I sometimes have low base counts several places, and only one place to display it, I get the "All" text.


      Anyone have an idea how to solve this?


      Many thanks,