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    User Security with WWID








      In a sales organization  table we have 2 columns: WWID & org level1 name




      Atul Menkundale is from  org level 1name and his WWID is 85293035. I have updated Atul Menkundale WWID with my WWID(702171991).




      If I just login with my WWID I need to see Atul Menkundale Name & his data on my dashboard. Can you please provide me the calculated field to create  so that if I login with my WWID I need to see Atul Name.




      I tried taking FULLNAME(), but didn't worked. I am using Desktop 9 version.




      Kindly help me out in this aspect.




      PFA .

      Note: As we don't have username column in my table for user security, I need to try with WWID only.