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    How do I create 1 Date Parameter that will show multiple dates as well as a single date

    Mark Fagan

      1. Fairly new to Tableau and I need to create a parameter where a User selects a week-ending date FROM ONE PARAMETER that will ONLY show results for that date and 5 weeks prior as shown in the chart below.

      2. The second part of this is to take that date selected in the parameter and display only that week-ending date (7/2/2016) data in the 2nd worksheet.

      3. The User will be selecting one week-ending date from a dashboard and needs to apply to all worksheets.


      -The data with week-ending dates setup as:








      -1st worksheet has a chart with 6 weeks of data:

      6 week chart.JPG


      -2nd worksheet has detail records of data ONLY for the latest week-ending date shown in the chart (7/2/2016)


      Store1     78%

      Store2     89%

      Store3     96%




      Any help would be greatly appreciated.