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    Embedding Multiple Dashboards in one webpage with Javascript

    Robert Kennedy



      We are having a problem with trying to embed multiple (small) dashboards into a webpage efficiently. We ideally want to embed each dashboard separately to give us as much flexibility as possible over layout but as each dashboard must be loaded from Tableau Server, the process is quite inefficient. If we put all the dashboards together on one Tableau dashboard and embed that, it is much faster, but at the expense of loss of layout/UI flexibility.


      We are embedding each vizualization using "viz = new tableauSoftware.Viz(vizDiv, vizURL, options);". Is there another way that might be faster? Is there some way to request multiple dashboards in one request, rather than load each one separately?


      Many of the dashboards are the same but with different filters applied in the url. I see that there is a clone option that tableau provides which I thought may be improve loading speed, but it does not seem to help.


      Any tips would be appreciated! Equally if this is a limitation of Tableau, knowing that would be helpful too.