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    What Tableau 10 features are you most excited for?

    Tori Liu

      Did anyone else beta test Tableau 10? My colleague Tamsen Haught tested the latest release and these were her top 5 favorite new features:


      1. Revision History -  restore or download previous versions of workbooks
      2. Device Specific Dashboards - publish a single dashboard that can have a different layout for desktop, tablet, or phone
      3. Workbook Formatting - Set font style, color, and size on the workbook level
      4. Cross Data Source Filtering - use “All related data sources” to quickly filter across data sources
      5. Clustering - drag Cluster from the Analytics pane and to easily group similar individuals, groups, regions, etc.


      What are your favorite new features in Tableau 10? Or what are you most looking forward to?


      P.S. If you didn't beta test, you can read about Tableau 10 here and you can also sign up for one of the Tableau Roadshows.