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    Which account to setup VizAlerts Task?

    Jacob Blumenauer

      I was able to install VizAlerts as a proof-of-concept using my named account on our Windows server, including the task in Windows Task Scheduler which runs every minute. My named account is a local administrator on the server. However we don't want to run this task with a named user; instead we want to use a service account.


      Our IT team does not want the service account to be a local administrator for security reasons. Note that we are running Tableau Server itself on the same machine with a service account that is NOT a local administrator.


      Without being a local administrator on the machine I cannot create/run the task. Per the IT team recommendation I tried the Windows SYSTEM account but it gives a certificate warning every time we try to run VizAlerts:


      URLError generating trusted ticket: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581) Request details: Server: ******, Site: , Username: ******, Url: ******/trusted, Postdata: username=******.


      We did give Full Control of the VizAlerts folder and Python 2.7 to all users on the server.


      Which/what type of account is typically used to set up the VizAlerts task? What type of permissions are needed for it?